PRAM Electrician

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Transformation of Industry
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Electrification - Automation - Digitalization
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Your profile:
* High school / Technical School graduate with Electrical, Electrotechnical or Electromechanical profile;

* Solid theoretical and practical technical knowledge in the field;

* Min 5 years professional experience in the electrical field;

* Driving license category B;

* Able to communicate and collaborate;

* Ability to learn, adapt and work in a team;

* Medically suitable for work at height, resistant to stress and work in stressful conditions (high / low temperatures; noises, narrow spaces);

* Discipline, punctuality, attention to detail, promptness in interventions, rigor in following the rules and instructions.

Your responsibilities:
* Maintenance, control, verification of electrical equipment of installations
* Measuring the insulation resistance of busbars, power transformers, measuring transformers, generators, separators, switches,
electrical cables
* Measurement of the ohmic resistance of the windings of power transformers, measuring transformers, motors, generators
* Checking the correct operation of the gas relays
* Secondary load measurement at measuring transformers
* Raising the current-voltage characteristic of the secondary windings of the current measuring transformers
* Checking the transformation ratio of the measuring transformers
* Measurement of the minimum operating voltage of the circuit-breaker coils
* Measuring the average switching and tripping times of the switches;
* Measurement of the ohmic contact resistance of the primary current paths of the circuit breakers
* Checking the correctness of the connections in the secondary circuits
* Checking and achieving the concordance between the primary and secondary circuits of the electrical installations
* Mechanical and electrical verification of relays
* Setting the protection relays
* Checking the control, measurement, protection and signaling circuits that are part of the low and medium voltage cells
* Execution of control circuits, protection, signaling, measurement
* Identification of earthing faults in direct current wiring diagrams and their removal
* Execution of tests with alternating or direct increased voltage for cables, busbars, insulators, switches, measuring transformers, protection equipment
* Disassembly, assembly, verification and repair of relays and measuring devices;
* Measurement of the dispersion resistance of grounding installations
* Measuring soil resistivity. Checking the continuity of the protection null
* Checking the continuity of the connecting conductors between the grounding belt and the grounding socket, of the joints through the flanges;
* Disassembly, assembly, testing, commissioning of electrical equipment;
* Preventive and corrective maintenance activities of the installations.

Your opportunities for personal growth:
* An open environment where you can express your ideas and take initiatives
* A very nice set up, where we really careabout our people

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In our Business Unit Industrial Applications we offer comprehensive digital portfolio solutions in the oil and gas sector and other process industries comprising rotating equipment, electrification and solutions for Subsea business.

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