STCL Strategic Buyer 战略采购

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Your Profile:
• Bachelor degree and above. Major in Commerce, Engineering, Automation and etc.
• 3+ years experience in Supply Chain Management or similar area. 
• Good command of English speaking communication. 
• Knowledge of International Trade/SAP/Contract Law.
• Supplier Selection/Supplier Evaluation/Risk Evaluation/Classification for common supplier.
• Knowledge of sourcing model/ABC analysis/etc. 
• Support and/or be mandated by Regional/Global Commodity Managers to negotiate with Chinese suppliers after internal agreement on target/conditions 
• Update and Analyze demand, market and suppliers to create a basis for deciding on optimum sourcing stretegy on quarterly base (Local Material Strategy).
• Knowledge of cost management and budget control

Your Responsibilities: 
• Undertaking Supply & Demand analyses, Perform Make or Buyer analyses.
• Undertaking material availability analyses, expediting purchasing and supply sources in order to guarantee timely availability of materials.
• Work together with each SQMs for Common Audit/Release/Reject report. Any release/reject report has to be finalized based on joint-decision.
• Operating or supporting an active supplier management scheme by passing on information in order to obtain the best performance from suppliers.
• Actively contributing to cooperation with all others involved and with interface partners and forwarding all relevant information in order to keep themselves and others informed and create an optimum logistics chain.
• Participating in working groups to inform oneself and others about the product/supplier policy and to exert influence accordingly.   

Your Opportunities for personal growth: 
• Become best in class in fulfilling global supplier management needs.