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  • Country/Region: United Kingdom
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A Snapshot of your day

The Project Manager is responsible for leading and handling various PFS, GLS, & Engineering Service projects within the organization, ensuring that they are completed on time, within budget, and delivered to the desired results. The Project Manager exemplifies the company's values through their daily actions and decisions, focusing on customer success, innovation, and creating a positive team environment.

The Project Manager holds a critical position within an organization, acting as a key facilitator between various teams, partners, project teams, functional departments, and client representatives. They may report into Operational Team Leads or directly to Business Management within the organization.

What are my responsibilities?

  • EHS Responsibilities: Implement adherence and compliance to SE Zero Harm, EHS Polices, Procedures and Guidelines. Proactively intervene to ensure the highest standards and expectations of safety and business integrity are met.
  • Project Initiation: Defining the project scope, goals, and objectives, as well as identifying partners, and working in line with Target Agreement & Letter or Empowerment.
  • Project Planning: Ensure that the contract commitments are planned within the business systems and coordinate the activities of project team personnel and functional departments to meet the plan.
  • Resource Management: Allocating appropriate resources (human, material, and financial) to tasks and supervising their performance to ensure efficient use of resources.
  • Time Management: Creating schedules and achieving agreed target date for tasks, while also supervising progress against the agreed plan and taking corrective actions when required. Use of effective Project Management Tools to coordinate, collaborate, and effectively communicate across PM community and Team members.
  • Cost Management: Monitor project financials to identify and correct deviations from the project plan. Developing a project budget and controlling costs during the project lifecycle, ensuring we achieve the agreed delivery objectives within the approved budget. Follow Contract Review process establish regular reviews and track planned and actual costs, liabilities, SAP bookings, cost to complete and maintains forecast accuracy. Initiate/defend claims with respect to the Client or other project participants with QS support.
  • Risk & Opportunity Management: Identify, analyse, and respond to potential risks and unforeseen events that could impact project success, implementing measures to mitigate or minimize their impact.
  • Quality Management: Ensuring deliverables meet the required quality standards and customer expectations, through the implementation of quality assurance and quality control processes. Ensure full adherence to QSP7 Non-Conformance Process.
  • Stakeholder Management: Identifying and engaging customers, handling their expectations, and maintaining effective communication channels to ensure their needs are met throughout the project.
  • Team Leadership: Motivating, guiding, and leading the project team to perform at their best, resolving issues and fostering a collaborative work environment.
  • Project Closure: Bringing the project to a successful conclusion by evaluating achievements, analysing lessons learned, and formally closing the project, including the release of resources and the final assessment of the project's results.

What I need to be successful in this role

Leadership Behaviours

  • Remain humble and invest in your own development and regularly seek honest feedback as well as new impulses from inside and outside the organization.
  • Be cost conscious and handle multiple priorities by delivering on each quarter’s performance while building a company for long term success.
  • Focus on your individual commitments, act on behalf of Siemens Energy and beyond your own organizations, in the greater interest of customers, communities and people.
  • Challenge the status quo, role model our values and behaviours and create multipliers across Siemens Energy.
  • Live by and proactively intervene to ensure the highest standards of safety and business integrity.

SE Values & Behaviours
  • Focus on the customer: Understand customer requirements and ensure that all project achievements are aligned with their needs and expectations.
  • Conclusively move forward: Develop clear project plans and objectives and adapt quickly to changes or uncertainties to maintain progress and meet agreed target dates.
  • Be open and inclusive: Foster a collaborative project environment by listening to and respecting diverse perspectives, learning from others, and demonstrating the team's differences to drive innovation.
  • Build strong partnerships: Establish trust and credibility with internal and external partners by being reliable, responsive, and delivering on promises.
  • Caring, Agile, Respectful, Accountable: Uphold the company's values by demonstrating care for colleagues, being adaptable in a constantly evolving environment, treating others with respect, and being accountable for actions and decisions.

Your Profile
  • A project manager should possess a combination of skills, knowledge, experience, and personal attributes to successfully lead projects to achieve great results.
  • Educational qualifications: A degree or equivalent experience in project management, business administration, or a relevant field is desirable. Professional certifications like APM or IPMA are preferred, which can demonstrate competency in the discipline.
  • Technical skills: Proficiency in using project management software.
  • Communication skills: Ability to effectively connect with team members, partners, clients, and suppliers, both in written and verbal forms, is essential for successful project management.
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution: Able to collaborate with internal and external team members to reach agreements and resolve issues, ensuring that project objectives are aligned with customer expectations.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing environments and project requirements and be open to learning new tools, technologies, and methodologies as needed.

Let’s talk about us

"Let’s make tomorrow different today" is our genuine commitment at Siemens Energy to all customers and employees on the way to a sustainable future.

Here at Siemens Energy, we drive innovation, develop new technologies, apply innovative technologies that will set new standards in terms of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

More insights
Be Energized. Be you.

Lucky for us, we are not all the same. Through diversity, we generate power. We run on inclusion and compassion. Our combined creative energy is fuelled by at least 130 nationalities. Siemens Energy celebrates character – no matter what ethnic background, gender, age, religion, identity, or disability. We energize society. All of society.

Who is Siemens Energy?

At Siemens Energy, we are more than just an energy technology company. We meet the growing energy demand across 90+ countries while ensuring our climate is protected. With more than 92,000 dedicated employees, we not only generate electricity for over 16% of the global community, but we’re also using our technology to help protect people and the environment.

Our distributed team is committed to making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy a reality by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We uphold a 150-year legacy of innovation that encourages our search for people who will support our focus on decarbonization, new technologies, and energy transformation.

Our Commitment to Diversity
Lucky for us, we are not all the same. Through diversity we generate power. We run on inclusion and our combined creative energy is fueled by over 130 nationalities. Siemens Energy celebrates character – no matter what ethnic background, gender, age, religion, identity, or disability. We energize society, all of society, and we do not discriminate based on our differences.