Extended Scope Coordinator

About the Role

Transformation of Industry
Business Unit
Sustainable Energy Systems
Full / Part time
Experience Level
Experienced Professional
How You’ll Make an Impact:
• Coordination of most of works related to Extended scope projects in ENG BRQ Brno
• Standardisation 
o Cooperation with Stefan Amersbach and other departments in Brno (Purchasing, Proposal, TPM, HEX, PM, Quality, Logistic, I&C, Electric, OPM).
o Process in Proposal phase / Order execution
▪ Project harmonogram / Time line
▪ Responsibilities of MEC groups (which documents, content of documents)
▪ Costs determination in Proposal phase
• Cost for components (together with PUR)
• Cost for ENG efforts
• Cost database for quick / emergency costing (together with PUR and PRO)
o Technical specification
▪ Making sure, that all related components / activities related to ES are optimised
• Sufficient tools
• Updated technical specifications
• Alligned cooperation with PUR and subsuppliers
o Implementation of Lessons Learned from older project
o Defining / writing down of Improvement tasks if special formular needed
o Optimise ways, how to involve subsuppliers (e.g. whole package / particular tasks)
o Checking with other departmnets if interfaces with ENG are clarified
• Projects
o Proposal phase
▪ Overall coordination of BRQ ENG collegues (attendence at Kickoff, checking that collegues knows what / when to do.
▪ IF necessary, alignment with PUR and PRO (E.g. to find realistic expectations) PM&Q
▪ Checking of fulfillment of standardised processes in ENG BRQ related to (PUR x PRO x ENG).
▪ Contribution in Preparation of Project timeline in Order execution
▪ Updating overview of basic timelines of expected ES projects for Order Execution (to make sure, that there projects do not go parallel in its critical periods)
▪ Support of proposals with deviations of complicated contracts
▪ Support of proposals for risk mitigating contract wording (e.g. information to be provided by Customer during execution at defined dates, number of revisions, technical design freeze dates)
o Order execution
▪ No intention to overtake responsibilities from TPM for core scope but acting as strong support focusing on extended scope within the projects
▪ Creation of timeline of ENG BRQ activities
▪ Continuous checking, that ENG BRQ internal cooperation works well. If not, trying to find solution or escalating to Heads of Department / Jörg
▪ Checking that major changes compared to contracts / Additional request from Customer are written down and that TPM / PM are informed about impact.
▪ Working on projects (not full time to have time for coordination of other projects)
▪ Could be as well supporting TPM (handling special tasks)
• External resources
o Maintaining contacts with possible subsuppliers to outsource ES projects
o In case of need alligning support by ES group ERL/GLZ and external capacities

What You Bring
• The basis for your success is a successfully completed university technical degree
• You have experience with extended scope (from proposal or implementation phase)
• Fluent in English
• Open, communicative, cooperative attitude, stay calm under pressure
• Excellent organizational and time management skills