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A Snapshot of Your Day

Passionate about the environment and climate change? Ready to be part of the future of the energy transition? The Siemens Energy Data Analytics & AI team plays a significant role in driving the energy transformation.

Honestly, we don’t have all the answers. Honestly, given the scale of the challenge we need many types of perspectives to help reimagine the future. And honestly, we can’t do it alone.

Our team is looking for innovative, enthusiastic, and versatile data, digital, and AI professionals that will drive us forward on this exciting venture.

How You’ll Make an Impact?

  • You will be responsible for implementing the product vision and roadmap for the ontology management system and semantic services.
  • You are responsible for extending the functionality of Metaphactory and its corresponding backend database based on business needs.
  • You are responsible for implementing the quality framework for semantics as well as a suite of semantic services, e.g. APIs and endpoints.
  • You are responsible for extending predefined user stories from the implementation perspective.
  • You are responsible to estimate the implementation effort of implementation tasks.
  • You are responsible for gathering and managing requirements and liaising with other infrastructures across the company, e.g. single login, identifiers, etc.
  • You are comfortable working in interdisciplinary teams with requirements related to the user experience, the backend, APIs and endpoints.

This means in detail:

You need to Collaborate with business partners and clients for solutioning and use cases. Provide recommendations to drive alignment with business teams based on the possibilities of the platform metaphactory.

  • Prerequisite is the modelling language defined for metaphactory. You will be trained to get familiar with this language.
  • You need to select the components predefined in metaphactory to build the UI in line with the business requirements.
  • You need to configure the selected components in line with the business requirements.
  • As an expert you need to develop SPARQL queries as connection between the UI and the database.
  • As an expert you need to implement SHACL shapes and rule to convert them to OWL an vice versa.
  • As prerequisite to develop SPARQL queries you must be familiar with the W3C standards RDF, RDFS, SHACL, OWL, SKOS and common ontologies like foaf or FIBO.
  • You need to work in Scrum model.
  • You may need to integrate data with other technologies and platforms.


What You bring - Your skills, capabilities.

  • Senior software engineer with overall experience of 4-8 years as developer for complex IT systems with graph databases as backends.
  • Good Knowledge of, and working experience with Graph databases, e.g. Neptune, StarDog, Neo4J.
  • Proficient with sematic web standards like RDF, RDFS, SHACL, OWL, SKOS.
  • Proficient with ontology APIs, e.g. OWL API, and python and JAVA libraries related to XML, JSON-LD, OWL, RDF and TTL.
  • Capable of programming in JAVA and Python. Experienced with UI frameworks like Angular.
  • Team player with an independent mindset and clear focus on delivering and solving problems.
  • Experience defining data and solution architectures we well as a Dev-Ops engineer.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Experience with Agile methodologies, project management tools like JIRA and documentation tools like Confluence.
Your opportunities for personal growth

  • You can work with the best of best in energy world
  • You will be part of a highly skilled workforce in Data Analytics.
  • You will get a chance to create sophisticated high end data application via Data Science, AI, ML.
  • Last but not the least " You will be the front runner" in making Siemens Energy a global Data driven company.

About the Team

The Data & Analytics organization has been established and designed to help Siemens Energy achieve our mission by becoming a data driven organization. Treating and using data as a strategic asset enables us to support customers in transitioning to a more sustainable world, by using innovative technologies and bringing ideas into reality.

Check out this video to see what we do here!

Who is Siemens Energy?

At Siemens Energy, we are more than just an energy technology company. We meet the growing energy demand across 90+ countries while ensuring our climate is protected. With more than 92,000 dedicated employees, we not only generate electricity for over 16% of the global community, but we’re also using our technology to help protect people and the environment.

Our global team is committed to making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy a reality by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We uphold a 150-year legacy of innovation that encourages our search for people who will support our focus on decarbonization, new technologies, and energy transformation.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Lucky for us, we are not all the same. Through diversity we generate power. We run on inclusion and our combined creative energy is fuelled by over 130 nationalities. Siemens Energy celebrates character – no matter what ethnic background, gender, age, religion, identity, or disability. We energize society, all of society, and we do not discriminate based on our differences.

We value equal opportunities and welcome applications from people with disabilities.