Gas Seal Engineer -干气密封工程师 (campus)

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Transformation of Industry
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Your Profile: 
•Bachelor or Master Degree major in Industry Process Engineering. 
•CET 4 or above, fluent English in writing & speaking.
•Good communication skills and team work.
Additional qualifications that would be beneficial: 
•knowledage of Dry Gas Seal and Dry Gas Seal Panel.
•Experience with Team center & SAP welcomed.
We expect you to be proactive, creative and open-minded working in a diverse environment with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Your Responsibilities: 
You will work in a global technology environment according to DIN, API standards, Siemens Energy design rules.
Your responsibilities will include:
•Turbo compressor Dry Gas Seal and Dry Gas Seal Panel according to DIN, API standards, Siemens Energy design rules.
- Responsible for Dry Gas Seal and Dry Gas Seal Panel used on process compressors.
- Responsible for related engineering and technical work
- Delivery of technical specification documents for Purchasing from supplier.
- Preparing the comments and basic design of the DGS/DGSP according to SE regulation.
- Responsible for commenting and approving the drawings, documents, calculation, etc. from sub-suppliers. 
- Technical clarifications with suppliers under request.
- Making sure that the suppliers’ technical solutions are match SE standard and requests.
- Responsible for the analysis and solution of technical problems, follow up to ensure the reliability of products.
- Local technical support (trouble shootings, NCR handlings, etc.).
•To develop new ideas and solutions for DGS/DGSP and components used on compressor trains to have more strong competences in the market, such as cost out, higher performance and so on.
•To support the implementation of Global products design technology to the Chinese local site.