Onsite Reliability Engineer - Service & Digital, Kuwait

General Information

Al Kuwayt
Gas and Power
Business Unit
Service and Digital
Full Time / Part Time
Experience Level
Experienced Professional

(Asset Performance Management - APMS and Reliability Engineering)

Who are we?

Siemens’ technology brings power and water to Middle Eastern cities, pioneers digital infrastructure and industry and develops local talent through education and knowledge transfer. With a leading role in Oil & Gas, electrification, automation and digitalization, Siemens is building on more than 40 years in the region with innovative technology that supports sustainable economic growth and enhances the lives of citizens.

Where will you be working?

Siemens Gas & Power - Service & Digital Business Unit delivers the right service solutions for gas turbines, steam turbines, generators or compressors to increase efficiency, reliability and availability throughout their entire lifecycle. From modernizations and upgrades, remote monitoring, lifetime extensions, digital and condition monitoring to LTSAs for complete plants, we partner with you to achieve optimal performance and maximize success.

Lets talk about you!

Onsite Reliability Engineer:

  • Bachelor of Engineering or Computer Science or Information Technology.
  • Software certified and experienced in software support.
  • Minimum of Five (5) years’ experience in technical software support services.
  • Experienced and capable of supporting all the Software covered under the contract.
  • He shall have experience in the administration and maintenance of technical software.
  • Capable of analysing and diagnosing software problems expeditiously.
  • Possess the skills of report writing, effective communication, conducting presentations and training.
  • Good interpersonal skills and an amicable disposition.

Job Description & Responsibilities.


  • Assist the users in software related issue and basic software usage support. 
  • Carry out all engineering & configuration services as required by the Company mainly in the areas of developing GC Maintenance analysis and all other related activities
  • Install, configure and integrate new software releases, minor and major upgrades for the existing “MR &APMS” and engineering software. On-Site Support Engineer shall regularly monitor the vendor activity related to new releases, upgrades, and follow-up with Company to obtain and install those releases.
  • Perform Minor and Major upgrades as and when required for standard and customized solution.
  • Work as a focal point of contact to coordinate with Third party software and hardware manufacturer for solving any software problem related to “MR &APMS”
  • Provide answers and solutions to all queries, questions and problems rose by the users and shall resolve any fault within the Allowable Downtime referred to in Service level of Contract specification and extend support to the engineering and configuration for the software supplied as part of the “MR &APMS” and other software covered in this Contract.
  • Conduct basic user training and hands-on training to end users on the usage of the software & Applications, as and when required to do so at no additional cost to the Company
  • Provide any additional services and functional enhancement to “MR &APMS” as may be required from time to time by the Superintendent
  • Create reliability block diagram and other reliability models, conduct RDM workshop, etc. for the various Company’s facilities as required.
  • Provide general consultancy and support service to Company users and management on all technical and business aspects of the “MR &APMS”
  • Backup and restore MR &APMS data and applications, Ensure backups are done as per requirement. Backup plan must be submitted and approved by the Company.
  • Administration of the “MR &APMS” and reconfiguration of Application servers or workstations for any additions or RDB modifications as and when needed, including coordination with end user or Instrumentation Team.
  • Provide central coordination role between the Company and the Contractor’s back office support and conduct monthly presentation on the overall status and activity.
  • Preparation of on-Site survey prior to software installation releases upgrade to verify the suitability of the hardware, operating system and resources used by the end user for satisfactory performance of the software
  • Logging of software and license related information (i.e. security keys, license number, license utility, usage, software version and the like) in the Company’s software inventory database; and user related information (i.e. user name, location, extension, asset number, and the like) for whom the “MR &APMS” software license has been installed in the Company’s software inventory database
  • Preparation of software quick reference documents for distribution to concerned end users.
  • Liaison with the Company’s personnel and other contractors as advised by the Superintendent to set up, update and configure the “MR &APMS” software & databases, Interfaces and resolve any arising problems or enhancement
  • Diagnose and resolve software problems. Necessary solution details shall be logged in Company’s Help Desk Database. Provide “MR &APMS” monthly performance and utilization reports.
  • Conduct knowledge transfer to end users on the usage of the Software, databases, implementation of new “MR &APMS” and Integration as and when required by Company
  • Assist Company to install and configure new “MR &APMS” and integrate, including replacement of any existing MR &APMS.
  • Co-ordination with IT administration, communication and network, backup admin and other teams to solve any issue arising for the “MR &APMS” operation