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Location:广州黄埔区 骏功路26号

Your Profile:

• Bachelor’s degree,major in electrical is preferred 本科以上学历,电气工程相关专业优先

• 1+years working experience in power transformer testing is preferrable. 1年以上电力变压器试验相关工作经验优先。

• Good English and Mandarin speaking 良好的中英文沟通

• Teamwork spirit, Customer awareness and be good at communication with people 良好的团队意识,客户意识和优秀的沟通技巧

Your Responsibilities:

• Issue test procedure and test plans to guide testers to carry out test tasks制定测试作业指导和测试计划,指导测试人员完成测试任务。

• Participate in technical contract review, issue test procedure and test plan according to technical contract, design sheet and design drawing.参加技术合同评审,根据技术合同、技术算单和图纸,制定测试方案和测试计划。

• Train and instruct testers to complete testing tasks培训和指导测试人员完成测试任务。

• Responsible for communicating and explaining test related issues to customers负责与客户沟通和解释试验相关事宜

• Judge, statistics and analyze test data, and report to relevant departments判断、统计和分析测试数据,并向相关部门汇报

• Assist WS, TD, QA, MT to solve quality problems in production协助车间、技术部、质量部、工艺部解决生产中的质量问题

• Assist to investigate customer quality complaints, deal with product quality incidents on site or provide support and help for customer quality problems if necessary协助调查客户质量投诉,必要时现场处理产品质量事故或为客户质量问题提供支持与帮助

• Focus: Product test accuracy (error and leak detection) ,Product test timeliness (man-hour utilization rate) ,Customer complaint rate,Improve target completion rate关注产品试验准确性(错漏检)、产品试验及时率(工时利用率)、客户投诉率、改进目标完成率这些指标

• Comply with company safety regulations遵守公司安全规定

• Take other work tasks that assigned by team leader/manager.完成部门经理分配的其他工作任务。