SITH 压缩机故障诊断专家

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Siemens Energy Industrial Turbomachinery (Huludao) Co. Ltd.
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How You’ll Make an Impact
•Completely technical supportor for repair work, quick fix problem to satisfy customer 
•Develop repair techniques and engineering standards for OEM and oOEM equipment.
•Review and approve repair work standard and procedures. 
•Provide internal and external training for repair skill
•Create a safe and worker friendly shop environment.
•Leadership, coaching, and supervision of blue collars
•Ownership of Service Center Performance Matrix. Management reporting and forecasting. Participation in the Service Center AOP budgeting process. 
•Responsible for the project technical scope review for Engineered Solutions and Repair Project.
•Assist Support client facing team in technical meeting.
•Ownership of Engineered Solutions and repair quotation process to produce timely and accurate customer quotations. 
•Ownership of repair process and procedures. Guide blue collars to produce quality repairs delivered on time and on budget. 
•Aid Supply Chain Management in qualifying new vendors.

What You Bring
•Bachelor degree and above.Major in Mechanical Engineering, electric engineering.
•>10 years in related experience in compressor and turbine business
•Experienced on working with foreign expert for trouble shooting in compressor and steam turbine.
•More knowledge on not only OEM product, but also on oOEM product.
•Knowing well on compressor manufacturing including single shaft, gear type and recip compressor.
•Familiar with parts machining equipment such as lathe, drilling, milling, boring and grinding, especially advanced machines.
•Both oral and reading are good in english.